Qu-Bot – Quickly Programmable Robot

A Robot for Absolute Beginners to Advanced Users


Qu-Bot stands for Quickly Programmable Robot. As the name suggests this robot can be programmed very quickly and easily. Its also multipurpose robot for beginners, intermediates and experts.

The beginners can program this robot with visual programming software called Qu-Bot Visual Lab. This allows users to program the robot without knowledge of programming languages. It also helps users to understand the fundamentals of programming and electronics.

The intermediate users can program this robots in C language. However due to software called Quick C IDE for Qu-bot, the programming can be hassle free because all the functions of Qu-Bot operations are prewritten and documented. This allows users to make complicated programs without having knowledge of embedded C.

Qu-Bot works on Atmega16 microcontroller. Advanced users can use any compiler for AVR and program Qu-bot as they like. This programming flexibility will allow users to make more complex functions and algorithms.

All these features make Qu-Bot a multipurpose robot for all ages and for all kind of users. Qu-Bot includes variety of sensors, motors, LCD, Buzzer and its programmable through USB. Full featured software backs  Qu-Bot for easy and effective programming in no time compared to making robot with normal microcontrollers or microcontroller board like Arduino. However advance users can also control Qu-Bot with other boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, this allows extra expansion facility for Qu-Bot.


  • Dealerships and Bulk Ordering

    Interested in selling or buying Qu-Bot in bulk for reselling or teaching? We offer huge discounts on bulk orders, send your requirements at info@qu-bot.com with company/institute profile. Qu-Bot is also available as OEM product with hardware and software branding options.
  • Qu-Bot Facts

    Qu-Bot is a versatile robot which can be used by anybody including beginner to the advanced user. With three levels of different programming tools its always great fun to program qu-bot on Beginner, Intermediate & Advance level.